Promiscuous sex sex personals

promiscuous sex sex personals

Avoidance of anxiety, anger, grief or pain. See my prior post. Or, perhaps in this case, loneliness. That too can be a powerful motivation: As Freud well understood. Sometimes even more motivating than the pleasure of sating one's sexual appetite and releasing sexual tension.

Guggenheim's sexual escapades were fueled at all by alcohol or other disinhibiting drugs is yet another relevant question. Rollo May did not, as you allege, confuse "individuality with abnormality. See, for example, his groundbreaking book The Meaning of Anxiety, in which he normalizes the experience of existential anxiety.

I don't think he would have judged someone like Ms. It is true that he like two of his teachers, psychoanalysts Alfred Adler and Erich Fromm in Freudian tradition felt that the capacity to love, to form close and lastingly intimate connections or attachments with others, is one of the fundamental pillars of mental health and meaning.

While I don't fully agree see my prior post , I believe Dr. May would probably have conceptualized Ms. Guggenheim's promiscuity as being neurotically driven by the daimonic in this case. I would say it is likely that poor self-esteem and feelings of emptiness and inherent unlovability may very well have been a driving force in such behavior, and that her hypersexuality, and its consequences, though probably engaged in to boost her ego, continually eroded her self-esteem.

This can result in a vicious cycle of endless sexual activity. Moreover, it may well have served as an unconscious defense mechanism against authentic intimacy. This is the distinction you refer to that May makes between "libido" and "Eros": Although both aspects of Eros, sex and love are not the same thing, and, indeed, sex can sometimes unconsciously be engaged in to defend against love and intimacy.

Someone who has been severely wounded during childhood in the way Guggenheim reportedly was would typically avoid situations in which they could be rejected and abandoned again. That becomes their primary motivation: My own guess is that, to the extent they were in fact "purely sexual" which I tend to doubt , some of her serial encounters might have veered toward superficiality, and, as a result, lacked substantial meaning in the long run.

And, more importantly, that her sexual promiscuity was somewhat compulsive, defensive and avoidant in nature. A form of what Freud famously called repetition compulsion: An unconscious adult re-enactment of seeking love from but being rejected, uncared for and abandoned by her emotionally and physically unavailable parents. A self-defeating narcissistic defense against a deep-seated sense of insecurity and unlovability.

A neurotic, constant turning to her lovers for something she felt she had missed out on. Or for some aspect of her own personality she was unable or unwilling to accept or fully develop, the "masculine" element in her psyche Jung called the animus. Her repeated pregnancies representing creative potentiality and subsequent abortions might, for example, be taken to symbolize her own aborted efforts at becoming an artist herself.

As for the matter of meaning, which is so central to May's existential psychotherapy , you say that Ms. Guggenheim's "promiscuity" your term was indeed meaningful for her, and provided a primary source of meaning in her life. You may be right.

But what did it really mean to her? That she could seduce a man? That she was desirable? That she was lovable? That she was worthy of love? Why did she find it necessary to flit from man to man so incessantly? Was she happy doing so? Or was she suffering? And why was she so fond of artists in particular? Clearly, she had a deep love and appreciation of art. During the 's, she lived a thoroughly bohemian life-style in Paris for many years in the company of struggling artists, and, decades later, married Max Ernst, remaining married to him for several years.

But to conclude that she behaved the way she did simply because of her unusually strong sex drive does little if anything to explain, for instance, why she couldn't have satisfied her sexual appetite within a more traditional, monogamous relationship.

Unless, of course, her sexual instinct specifically demanded promiscuity per se, a premise I believe our fellow blogger Chris Ryan presents in his new book Sex at Dawn. And concluding that she was promiscuous because she didn't really care about her "honor" or social standing would, for me, be equally unconvincing. Ultimately, sex, in such cases, serves as a symbolic substitute for love.

And that is what makes it so meaningful. Curiously, the daimonic not unlike the "Force" in the Star Wars saga seems to have been strong with Ms. Hence her self-reported sexual vitality and passion. For me, this represents a positive prognostic quality. Rollo May was quite insistent that the daimonic is not only about destructiveness, pathology and evil, but can also be positive, constructive and creative.

It's all about how we channel the daimonic. What we do with it. How we use it. Here is what he wrote in his brief foreword to my book: That is, constructiveness and destructiveness have the same source in human personality. Since the daimonic demands some expression, had she not directed her life force into art and love, had she merely repressed or suppressed it in order to live a more conventional and respectable life-style, she might have fallen into despair, or the daimonic could have come out destructively, negatively or even violently.

So it may well be that for Ms. Guggenheim, sexual promiscuity was the best possible and least destructive choice. Short of some good psychotherapy, that is. Sex with Diamond is "normalized. Attach - Attach - Attach!

You magnetically and chemically drive me crazy! Are you really not interested or available? Is there such a thing as a "Militant Muse Archetype? Conquest is my song right now with these lyrics: This has been a sensational exchange. You and Reiss are two of the real luminaries here on PT, writing with verve, intelligence, and profound respect for other points of view.

Would that Peggy Guggenheim were here to explain and defend herself. Of course, I'm not sure that you, Dr. Diamond, would take her at her word as easily as Dr. That is not a failing, simply an observation.

If Guggenheim indeed had some sexual pathology, let it be contagious. The woman did more for the cause of modern art than just about anyone who was not actually an artist. She will be remembered long beyond any of the three of us, least of all me. In Diamond's terms, it doesn't really matter to me if her sexual muse was daimonic.

It was as mysterious, multifaceted, and complex as any artist's muse. It's so easy for us to try to straight-line explanations of anything, in retrospect. There's an elegance and safety to be able to say in retrospect, "X happened because of an Oedipal problem. I see people like Guggenheim from time to time. They're outliers, just like all geniuses are. I try to take them on their own terms, because the lives they're living are so meaningful, even if they're outliers.

Sexual addiction manifesting in sexual interpersonal behavior as shortcut of a deep understanding and apprehension of a partner is abnormal behavior. A basic standard must be approached rather than promoting a case by case glorification. This argument recalls a person is deemed sane for being in line with a prevailing insanity. A serial killer is judged insane by their state of mind not by the engagement.

Thanks for the kind comments. I can't say whether Peggy Guggenheim was a "genius" in her own right, though, interestingly, as Rollo May writes, "the daimonic was translated into Latin as genii or jinni. This is a concept in Roman religion from which our word 'genius' comes and which originally meant a tutelar deity, an incorporeal spirit presiding over the destiny of a person, and later became a particular mental endowment or talent.

As 'genius' its root being the Latin genere means to generate, to beget, so the daimonic is the voice of the generative process within the individual. And, as I suggest in the piece, she certainly seems to have been driven and guided by the daimonic in her work and love life.

Pathologizing the daimonic is, indeed, a real problem. But that is precisely what tends to happen in psychology and psychiatry, along with the "therapeutic" goal of suppressing it as much as possible. The daimonic contains our primal vitality and the fertile seeds of our personal destiny. It is, to use Nietzsche's phrase, "beyond good and evil.

But that is because we try to repress rather than embrace and integrate it into our selves and our society. This is what modern psychotherapy must learn to better do: Such repression only makes the daimonic more not less dangerous. The task is to learn to live with the daimonic or be devoured by it. It is a gift, but can also be a curse.

But without it, there is no real life. And no real creativity. From Mozart I learnt to say important things in a conversational way. If it was my job I'd pick: I would send in the Marines aka "World Class Economists" with lots of duct tape for ammo. Duct tape is like "The Force": There is a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together. If it was a about a man's promiscuity it wouldn't of been written like this And be celebrated and reveired I think promiscuity is often an inherent need by both sex's to connect with other humans on a deeper level.

Sex is a primal need like survival. Food, Sleep and sex are what keep the human race from ending Obviously be discrete so not to hurt the emotions of others sensitivities. But also be empowered by exercising your right to be you and be loved. No, promiscuous sex is not comparable to food or sleeping. Intercourse is needed for continuing the race and to make a child, but if we take that out and focus solely on just the act, it is absolutely not needed compared to food.

You can live without sex, didn't you when you were a child and a teenager? It's the same with people who say, "they can't live without their cell phones". Yeah, they did just fine before cellphones became widely used. It's an act that really, is only needed to make a baby! Completely and utter hog wash to compare sexual needs to food and water.

If we are to completely blame culture, I think this says little about the ability of women to make their own choices. Love and sex are completely different things.

Women make you pay for all sex Women need to feel comfortable, desired, and safe After all, we're just animals, right? Why exercise discretion if anything goes, and there are no sound reasons for monogamy?

Directly asking women for sexual consent is punished more severely than most cases of date rape. Women want everything both ways. Women need to be physically protected and made to feel emotionally safe. They may want a perfect stranger to throw them around every now and again, but they still want to manipulated into it with social ritual. In any case, even though nearly all sexual relationships begin with zero commitment, it's never no strings for either party.

Disease, pregnancy, emotional distress, and financial liability are real consequences. Being cavalier about sex is fine It's the basis of all culture and religion, going all the way back to the Sumerians. If women want casual sex, all they need do is ask She may feel was a subconscious duty of providing pleasure to men. Almost as if it is a gift for the deserving.

If one possesses a gift to make others happy, why wouldn't one share it? If look deeply into why some are given this gift and we strive to find why, we come to the truth.

Women a given good looks to attract men. Since the beginning of time, we are put on this earth to procreate. No matter what things modern man comes up with to distract us, ie: I believe that a mental disorder may have led her to have all the abortions after she realized her ideal suitor did not FIT into her model of a husband or Father. A compulsive disorder might have led her to feel the need to do this all the time, when the precursor was only to provide pleasure and happiness to men.

There's a lot more deepness to human life than merely 'procreating'. We weren't put on this earth just to 'procreate', and I can tell you not all of us contain this 'subconscious want' you describe. Not everyone is crazy about 'looks', not everyone wants to have coitus with everyone they meet.

There are many people who have a desire that is beyond this physical plane. I am fairly sure that you are simplifying things that don't need to be diagnosed as abnormal or normal, that there is no pathology to it, other than possible pregnancy and STD's that a person might get.

It is also true that our society is changing from a male dominated society to a female dominated one even though she still doesn't get paid as much as the he. Then there is the issue of how does Gay fit into this? I don't think that any thing that you have said in the article that I read was really going to be helpful to anyone that might need to be helped, although what is great about psychology today as a magazine is it is more often than not self help, by that I mean easily read by the common population.

When it is based on stereotypes and bias though that isn't helpful, is it? Small mindedness kept the world flat forever, not sure it is perfectly round, but the thing is we know that it is at least oval in nature, if not completely round. Stop trying to box things in and being so narrowminded and get to what hurts and why and that would often times be much better, I think.

Either way, I'm having a hard time figuring out what part of it is relevant. I'm sure there are some good blogs going on over at the DOL regarding wages.

I have no dog in this fight. It is also true that our society is changing from a male dominated society to a female dominated one. A reimagined monastery and a converted church are just two of the nightspot highlights available in Aberdeen.

I have recently become quite obsessed with the issue of promiscuity in todays western world. It comes from my own experience and self image issues on this delicate subject area. Preference for frequent sexual contacts is not necessarily the same as being sexually indiscriminating'. This sums up my own self interest and opinion of my own experience.

I am having an internal battle in deciding whether I am inherently promiscuous or that I just have had a preference for frequent sexual partners. I can think of times in the past late teenage years where I wasn't as choosy as now. So perhaps I was before, but am not now? I am 26 and number is 32 and according to some on the internet, this makes me promiscuous and not marriage material.

It is delicate when its come from self interest, but I am discovering that my interest in this is becoming more encompassing and even when I do decide or become comfortable or resolve issues with my own sexuality I'll probably still be very intrigued. Any more papers or books that you could recommend on this subject would be gratefully received.

I shall add that I am in therapy myself. I started going for depression and have mentioned this a few times to my therapist I've had more than one. So far I have not been able to delve deep into it. My new shrink almost dismissed my opinions about the reasons why I am promiscuous? Perhaps she did not see this as top priority, we'll see what happens, but I have started to form my own self awareness about my reasons.

If you want to know the truth, 32 is a really high number and most guys I have ever spoken to about the subject would consider that a deal breaker. I suppose there is no turning back clocks, but I would try to figure out why you engaged in such behavior and use it to understand yourself much in the way an alcoholic or drug addict uses their recovery to understand more about themselves as a human being.

Sometimes the strongest people are the ones who had to grow and learn from the greatest hardships. Hmmm I think your comments are nice but funny and it makes me wonder how old you are and I am thinking very young. When someone loves a person, they past is irrelevant and you better believe it that person would make excuses and defend that person to the end.

One of the things I recognise is that once you look decent men go with that some of the most promiscuious women look very virginal. Most women know better to tell their husband or prospective husband how many men they slept with and I think most husband would be shocked at the actual number, this world is not made up of what you have done but on who knows. As for the lady with the 30 something sexual partners, find a therapist and tell that therapist what is bother you and if you sexual behaviour is an issue for you let the therapist know that what you want to talk about.

The number of men you slept with is irrelevant, the why is what matters here. One small example would be crying Acceptable for women over many small things, not acceptable for men.. I doubt many women would be attracted to guys who cried almost daily over any small thing. I have found that the most insecure women are the most sexual. Making a guy orgasm seems to be a quick fix for their insecurities.

I have NEVER met a secure, balanced, confident woman who could just have sex, get up, leave, and feel happy never seeing the person again. I am not entirely sure who your comment is directed at? I have since moved on with my feelings in this area. If a perspective man wants to know my number for a valid reason and not for abuse or manipulation then I am I not going to lie to him. I do not want to lie. My sexual history is an integral part of my past and has been part of my personal development.

It has helped me work out issues that I have had with boundaries, as the 'anonymous' person said, the strongest people are the ones who've been through unsavoury things and come out the other side.

I do not think it is likely that he will ask me. I don't care about the amount he has had. Because people can and do change. If having such a number of sexual partners means I'm more likely cheat or be bad wife material, not much I can do but prove them wrong? I have had done plenty of self reflection about why I felt the need to sleep with this number.

Feeling addicted to sex? At the age of 26 I am now well aware of my baggage and have bought metaphorically some good quality luggage to carry it all in. Because really, it will be there in the future.

I will be spending the next few years looking for a potential husband who recognises the advances in personal development that I have done and respects this. If a guy had the same partners, he would be high-fived.

Most likely for shallow sex. I mean really, how could he know so many partners meaningfully. Women and men who have their values have high character; they are not 'beta'.

This modern society is sickening. I dont know you, but I would suggest of all the possibilities behind your promiscuous attitude towards sex, one might be that you just enjoy it, and maybe your perfect mate, if that is what you seek, will be willing to enjoy other partners with you. I'm 23 years old and single. I have never been in a serious or long term relationship or should I say I have never had a boyfriend.

The longest I've been with someone must have been a month and a half. I call myself a serial kisser as I make out with a different guy every time I go clubbing. I have had three one night stands so far.

I feel that this is not normal behaviour, however I'm so unpredictable. I think that I am highly likely to do it again.

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BIG BUSTY ASIAN HOOKERS MELBOURNE 28 Aug But while dating apps and websites might help people find lasting connections Kelly told Mic that the best sex she ever had was with someone she met off a shift toward improved attitudes concerning sex and promiscuity. I get the feeling using condoms kind of feels like you aren't really being that intimate. And this encourages more random hookups. And it's not. Want to hook up with sexy singles online? You can do so easily and quickly on the Internet's largest and most convenient hookup site -!. Although polygyny is more common, some tribal societies are traditionally polyandrous. The Behavioral and Brain Sciences. What really motivates sexually addictive or compulsive behavior? Evolutionary psychologists have theorized that taboos against female promiscuity evolved on the basis of paternity anxiety. The man or the woman? I had the worst time trying to use free dating apps to find girls since most of them never even acknowledged me and it drove me crazy. You can live without sex, didn't you when you were a child and a teenager?

Promiscuous sex sex personals