Free sexual encounters escourt agencies

free sexual encounters escourt agencies

Free sexual encounters escourt agencies

Free sexual encounters escourt agencies

The website included reviews. Based on these studies, the researchers focused on the types of informa-. Because the purpose of this study was descrip-. The following research study was conducted for exploratory and descriptive pur-. According to Maxfield and Babbie , exploratory research is appro-. The use of internet websites as a form. For these reasons, a content analy-.

The websites chosen for inclusion in this study were identified using the top. Since the scope of this study was limited to escort ser-. Two other search engines, Yahoo and Ask. Because of the large number of hits for escort services, only the first Websites were included in the study if they advertised. Overall, 76 sites fulfilled.

Because the Google search. Two coders were used in this study. The websites were split between the two. The coding sheet was developed after investigating several escort web-. Therefore, one of the categories included on. Five categories of information were included on the data collection sheet.

The third and fourth. Table 1 presents the frequencies and percentages of the information from the. Most of the websites included photographs of the escorts,.

Most of the escorts appeared semi-nude. Table 2 presents the frequencies and percentages for contact, price and. The most frequent method of contact. Three agencies listed the physical address in addition to the phone number.

One website allowed the customer to par-. Half of the websites. A few websites allowed. Seven of the websites had. Overall description of the websites and escorts. As mentioned, most of the websites advertised escort agencies that provide.

This finding was not surprising. For example, the Prostitution Regulation Act. In continental Europe, prostitution laws vary by country. Overall, the quality of the web page varied, from the more professional. If any of the sites included. T able 1 Frequencies and percentages for geographical location,. United States 25 Outside US 49 Select by city 2 2.

Most of the websites included photos of the escorts presented as. The photographs included women in various. In some cases, the faces of the escorts were blurred to pro-. This indicates that although legal, there is still a stigma attached to.

T able 2 Frequencies and percentages for form of contact,. Call only 18 Email only 3 3. Online form only 2 2. Cash only 11 Credit card only 3 3. Not listed 38 Feedback form 6 7. Forum — members only 5 6. Testimonials from women 1 1. User comments 7 9. There was also some consistency in the characteristics or descriptions of the.

For example, hair and eye color, age, body type e. Although individual escort ages varied, the common age among the. This may be due to the fact that escort agencies can. Regarding ethnicity, several websites appealed to a specific market by. Some sites allowed the user to select the. Personality and demeanor were also commonly mentioned in the biograph-. An exquisitely graceful and fit young woman, Chloe is a highly sexy, affec-. She is playful and seductive, flirtatious and fun.

She is warm and friendly, and will. Some sites listed other information about the escort, such as sexual ori-. The individual male escort advertisements were often very. Regarding the website links, the researchers were interested in whether the. Only five sites linked. Other links included application forms for employ-. Scheduling, rates and payment options. This was not surprising because email affords the same level. The web provides several free. Only three agencies listed an actual physical address and only in countries.

One website hosts a live chat. The majority of the websites listed the prices for various services. Dates typically begin with one hour and as. A few escorts, usually individual advertisements, listed specific services. Half of the websites did not specify payment options. Some agencies mention that credit card transactions will. Interestingly, some sites denote whether they.

Most of the websites did not include or mention a rating system. The user comments varied among the websites. Negative comments typically focus on the lack of accuracy of the photo-. One rater was more specific with a negative review, stating. Often, these negative comments were not about an agency;. The use of the internet to advertise and solicit sexual services remains a rel-.

There is very little information on individuals. The internet provides anonymity on the part of the cus-. Even so, the lack of disclaimer that no sexual services are.

The male escorts in the Parsons et al. United States advertising illegal prostitution services on the internet. Although the large number of websites in countries outside the United.

States is likely to be related to the legal status of prostitution e. Many of the photographs on agency. If the culture was so accepting of sex work, why not. The websites were described from the viewpoint of the potential customer,. The majority of the websites did in fact provide photographs. Although the researchers expected. Only a few of the individual escorts were.

The increasing popularity of the internet to conduct or manage business,. The consumer can guarantee to some degree that. However, since the majority of web-. The lack of customer feedback was an. Also worth noting, despite the common myth that customers seek out. In the present study, for example, some escorts reported that they offered a.

Kern describes this girlfriend experi-. Weitzer also noted that in addi-. Holt and Blevins also noted that the quality of. The websites that were described in this study, by a significant percentage,. While there were some escorts that did list their services as being. As previous research has mentioned, in order to gain a complete and. It must be accepted that. It may be that the anonymity, convenience and dis-. These questions are worth. Furthermore, future research studies should focus on the role of the inter-.

In the past, escort. The advertisements often appeared in gay publications, thus negat-. In addition, an examination of the differences between information pro-. Doing so will provide much-needed information on the use. The internet has become an integral part of industrialized cultures. From the viewpoint of an employer, the information. From the viewpoint of a potential.

Prostitution, Pornography, and the Sex Industry , pp. Bimbi and Perry N. Koken and David S. Internet by Gay and Bisexual Male Escorts: Search Engine Watch Retrieved 25 September http: Identity on the Internet , pp.

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